Corpus Training Devices

Exclusive North America Trademark licensor of the Corpus Training Devices

What's so special?

The erratic roll and bounce of the Corpus Training Devices places high demands on a player’s reaction time, coordination, and concentration.

Simple to use: suitable for almost all normal training exercises and drills. Substitute Corpus I or II and watch the improvement when you re-introduce a normal soccer ball.

The Corpus Training Devices were designed and first introduced in Austria under the name "Rasenreich".

They are currently being used by many top professional clubs in Europe.

Training Manual

Who should use them?

The Corpus Training Devices are ideal for any sport or activity that demands precise athletic footwork

  • Soccer players, soccer teams and soccer clubs
  • Athletic departments
  • Special needs programs
  • Physical therapists
  • Cross-training for all sports

We currently offer size five only. Only premium materials used.

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